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Have a Watch Party!  

What we’ve learned over the last few years is that Watch Parties help people feel closer to the content being discussed on virtual platforms and the communities that form around them. Given our emphasis on this convening serving as a springboard for action, we encourage all attendees to gather together for the convening and have watch parties with those in your STEM networks. 
By doing so, we hope that these watch parties will:
  1. Support the building of communities within specific STEM environments that will champion a culture shift around the elevation of mental health and wellness
  2. Empower individuals and STEM communities to take action to create real and sustained change in STEM departments after the convening has ended
  3. Engage in intentional conversations about advancing mental health and wellness in unique STEM ecosystems.
This page gives some ideas for how you and those in your STEM community can engage in in-person watch parties or virtual watch parties where you are each in physically different locations as you watch the convening.  

In-Person Watch Party Guide

Whether you’re in your STEM lab, a classroom, or an office, we encourage you to grab a friend, a colleague, or a mentor/PI and watch the conference together!  You might even reserve a conference room on campus, get some snacks, and pair the viewing of one of the virtual convening events with an in-person discussion about the state of mental health in your respective STEM program.

We have created the following prompts to help you and those watching with you engage together, in-person, during and, more importantly, after the event. 

  • REFLECT: What are 3-4 new insights or tangible takeaways from this session at the convening?
  • CONNECT: Reflect on the current practices in your STEM lab/class/program and discuss how these practices are currently impacting the mental health and wellness of students, staff, and faculty.
  • OVERCOME: What are the potential barriers that might impede the implementation of practices that support the advancement of the mental health and wellness of students, staff, and faculty in your STEM ecosystem?
  • ACT: Please describe 3-4 concrete actions that you commit to incorporating into your practice that will support the advancement of mental health in your STEM environment.

We’d love to see and hear how your watch parties are going! So, we encourage you to take pictures of your group and tag us on your social media posts.

Virtual Watch Party Guide

If you are watching one of the Convening's event with others but you are each in physically different locations, come gather with us on our Discord channel! We will have a main discord server here (STEM Mental Health Convening) as well as separate channels therein, focused on building community within specific affinity groups, so come by and drop your comments, questions, and reflections.

Please check back for more information about the Discord Links!
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