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Institutional Response in the Aftermath of Suicide

This session will provide guidance on ways that STEM institutions, including STEM faculty and staff, can support student mental health in their response to the death of a university member by suicide.  It will first include a 30 minute presentation by Dr. Wendy Ingram, followed by a panel discussion with all three session speakers. 


Dr.Wendy Ingram

Wendy Marie Ingram, PhD is the Chief Executive Officer of Dragonfly Mental Health, a global nonprofit dedicated to cultivating excellent mental health among academics worldwide. In only two years, Dragonfly has developed and deployed evidence-based programming reaching more than 50,000 academics in 22 countries through delivery of more than 330 discrete programs and has designed and launched an innovative comprehensive program which aims to sustainably revolutionize the mental health culture and climate for academics at all career levels. She serves as the second Chair of the American Medical Informatics Association’s (AMIA) Mental Health Informatics Working Group and helped spearhead the flagship AMIA Podcast, “For Your Informatics” as both producer and host. She received dual degrees at the University of Arizona in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics & Psychology, received her PhD from the University of California Berkeley in Molecular and Cell Biology as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and completed a National Institutes of Mental Health T32 funded postdoctoral fellowship in Psychiatric Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Department of Mental Health. Her mental health informatics research has advanced the understanding of electroconvulsive therapy and treatment resistant depression by using Electronic Health Records (EHRs), genetic data, and other alternative datasets. She has nearly 10 years of experience consulting for digital mental health companies that aim to improve access and accuracy of mental health services. Her unique path allows her to seamlessly blend her expertise and knowledge from research, industry, and nonprofit sectors in ground-breaking ways to improve mental health literacy, culture, intervention, and implementation.

Erin Trujillo .jpg

Erin Trujillo

Erin Trujillo is the Director of Counseling Services at ASU and an Assistant Vice President for Health and Counseling. Erin’s career has focused on K-20 mental health, working across the Phoenix Metropolitan area to serve school-aged youth and their families. Erin directs one of the most dynamic and fastest growing counseling centers in the country, employing a discipline diverse team to support immediate accessibility of mental health resources to the ASU student population. She has presented on collegiate mental health at conferences in the US and Australia, and at ASU she regularly presents on college mental health, growth mindset, empathy, and supporting students in distress and postvention. Erin has two Masters degrees from ASU - a Masters in Counseling and a Masters in Business Administration.


Dr. Shuangmei (Christine) Zhou

Bio coming soon...

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